• RvTestCase provides assertEquals() functionality for comparing TibrvMsg classes.
  • RvFixture is a standard way of defining a messaging test using a Stimuli and Responses pattern.
  • FunctionalTestCase provides a standard way for executing RvFixtures. This functionality can be easily extended or altered by custom tescases which inherit from FunctionalTestCase.
  • Subject substitution. Beginning with TIBCO BusinessWorks it became standard practice to construct message subjects that use global variables configured as part of the project. RV Test supports global variable substitution.
  • RvTestConfiguration provides the flexbility to add custom fixture and message creators, modify the RvTransport used during testing, set the log level for the test run, and specify a substitution file.
  • TibrvRequestReplyTestCase provides a simple way for testing a RequestReply service The testcase transparently generates a TIBCO INBOX and uses the INBOX reply subject for the response method.
  • RvListen is an improved alternative to tibrvlisten by adding PrettyPrint style to inbound messages.