RV Test Format Messages

To create a message using standard Tibrv message fields create messages using rvformat. RV Test Format is a simple xml structure that is used to define an RV Message. Each message has a required subject element and any number of rvfield elements. For messages being sent this is the send subject. For response messages this will be the subject used to listen for a matching reply.

    <rvfield name="PinNumber" value="1234" type="string"/>
    <rvfield name="UserId" value="Albert Einstein" type="string"/>


rvfield has three required attributes: name, type, and value.

<rvfield name="widgetInventory" value="123553232" type="long"/>
<rvfield name="NestedField" value="" type="TibrvMsg">
    <rvfield name="standardDeviation" value="2.17" type="double"/>
    <rvfield name="projectName" value="rvtest" type="string"/>